Prime Boxers - Package

Prime boxers consists of many advantages and is engineered to enhance the performance of the boxer briefs. 

These characteristics include 

  • Ultra softness for your skin
  • High permeability and moisture control 
  • Great lustrous appealing to eye
  • Crease resistant for comfort
  • Excellent drape for appearance
  • Less pilling for durability 
  • Seamless design for comfort 

MicroModal is one of the key elements in Prime. It is the secret to offer a silky, cool feeling undergarment with exceptional breathability. In comparison to cotton and polyester, MicroModal is capable of holding in the dye in order to maintain the vibrant colour. Unlike cotton, this regenerated fiber does not easily shrink and dissimilar to nylon it tends to pill less. 

Lenzing® is an Austrian company and is one of the global leading manufacturers for MicroModal. For each boxer briefs which Prime produces, we have utilized Lenzing® MicroModal. This top ingredient complements with our company and that we strongly believe the garment produce will be in favour of each male consumer.