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A stunning breathable fabric

Seamless Design

Optimize the smoothness needed

It's time for you to change

Prime will provide you the softest and functional briefs that you will ever wear. It is 2X more softer and 6X more permeable than cotton

80% of the consumers who have tried Prime before, they would want to buy more

Why spend extra cost on retail products when you can get something better with a lower price?

Wicking Technology

Discover Your Colour

Wear what represents you

Reveal your identity

Product features

Sports Oriented


Additional Comfort

Beechwood fibres are naturally more softer than cotton, polyester and nylon. In fact, it is 2x softer than cotton. Wearing quality boxerbriefs can keep you motivated and help bring your game to a different level. 


Extreme Breathability

Moisture wicking technology that wicks sweat from your skin to the fabric’s surface, where it can evaporate, keeping you cool and comfort at all times. 


Seamless Design

This sporty design creates a flawless fit. With a fitted and comfortable seamless construction along with a  contoured shape, the stretchable material helps hug the body closely for added comfort. 


Lenzing® MicroModal

where comfort begins

Blog posts

Professional Athletes Experiencing Prime

Professional Athletes Experiencing Prime

At some point during our life, we may have dreamt of becoming a professional athlete. Perhaps you’ve been fed up with your academic career or amaze...
內在潛能, 提升表現!(Jeffrey Suen)

內在潛能, 提升表現!(Jeffrey Suen)

跑步,當然要舒適。無論跑得快與慢,職業或業餘,從熱身到開始跑,心信好多跑友都想樂在其中. Prime 好榮幸地可以邀請到跑手Jeffrey Suen (孫鎮傑)去嘗試 Prime Boxers.  Jeffrey Suen, 一名年輕的跑手,由三鐵轉而專注跑馬拉松,長或短距離賽事當然都難不倒...
Stay Cool and Dry. Say Bye to Cotton and Polyester.

Stay Cool and Dry. Say Bye to Cotton and Polyester.

Cool and comfortable boxer briefs are an absolute must-have for a male athlete. Why? Imagine the sweaty feeling when running in a 10K marathon an...