Our management level has been in the intimate apparel industry for many years and we feel that there has always been a phenomenal where these products are valued more towards women than men. In fact, many male consumers have a desire to enhance their taste as well.

At Prime, we aim to deliver the same type of comfort to all men with our light weight boxer briefs made with authentic MicroModal fiber. As a matter of fact, we aspire to advance the undergarment industry because living a comfortable lifestyle is the corner of our company. It's where, and how it all began.

In the early apparel industry, natural fibers have been extremely popular, such as cotton. Later on, synthetic fibers were introduced, which include polyester and nylon. These materials have enhanced the performance of the garments to become light weight, lustrous in colours, and provide resiliency. Unfortunately, these man made fibers are not environmental friendly and offer a muggy feeling when used in apparel. 

With modern technology, there is a fiber known as MicroModal which is made by spinning reconstituted cellulose. This fiber is harmless to human beings and can naturally disintegrate. Contrary to popular beliefs, the entire production process is environmental friendly. 

MicroModal is a semi-synthetic fiber. Its characteristics are smooth, soft, highly absorbance and breathes extremely well which are exceptionally ideal for intimate apparel. These fibers are becoming more recognized in the market and are widely used in fabrics. However, most of the products out in the industry are not authentic. As for those that are certified, the price would be extremely expensive.


Mission Statement

Prime: Where comfort begins.