About Us

Our team has a long standing history in the intimate apparel industry. At Prime, we aim to provide the luxury of comfort to our customers. Our objective is to design the most form-fitting and lightweight base layer essential for active men. Prime’s mission is to take care of our customers’ core suit so they can devote their energy to conquering their fitness goals.

Prime apparel is thoughtfully made from an environmentally-friendly material called MicroModal. This lesser-known semi-synthetic fiber material is created by the spinning of reconstituted cellulose - it is harmless to humans and will naturally disintegrate unlike other materials dominating the market such as cotton, polyester, and nylon. 

Our MicroModal products are soft to touch and conform to the body as a second layer of skin. The shrink-proof material is highly absorbent, breathes extremely well, and keeps you feeling fresh all day.


Mission Statement

Prime: Where comfort begins.