Colours vs Personalities

What color appeals to you the most? 3, 2 ,1. Write it down and it's okay to have more than one colour. This will most likely become the default shade you pick when faced with a colour selection. Ever wonder what that color says about you and your own unique personality? 

We are confident we offer the color that speaks directly to your individuality and will reflect the happiness you seek to bring into your wardrobe.

Below are the general meanings of personality colours. 

Colours vs Personalities

People with red personality type are usually energetic and joyful. They always want to be around with people.

These people are quite competitive and strive to win at all times. They love originality and always look for adventures, hoping to bring something new to the world. 

Individuals with orange personality type are usually into extreme sports and adventures. They love freedom and always explore the world. These people are risk takers. They tend to get bored easily and constantly needs to find a new interest.

Optimism and friendliness characterize people. People whose personality color is yellow aren’t typically big party people. They prefer smaller gatherings where they can talk with everyone. These characters love to use their head rather than using their hands. Thy enjoy strategic and analytical games such as puzzles and crosswords.

They have a hard time saving money. No matter how much they earn they will typically spend it all. 

They are very caring individuals who make excellent friends and partners. They sincerely care about you and are good listeners. In fact, they tend to forget their own needs while taking care of others.

They do not hide their feelings and is honest about their thoughts. These are truly sincere people.

When it comes to personal relationships, people with this personality type make loyal, supportive and loving partners. They would be wonderful spouses and very good parents.

As a blue, you are obedient. These people look for stability, peace and harmony. They like to stick with what they think are the best practices and likes to stick with their schedule.

They are very loyal in all their relationships, including romantic relationships. Despite life with this personality type is stable and orderly. These people are very social people and spend a lot of time socializing or working on community projects where they get to know even more people

People with a purple personality are thoughtful, reflective. They are problem solvers. They value art and other creative ventures. They are open mined and are expressive through verbally, physically, and in the work that they do. They are filled with imagination and are skillful with their hands. 

Grey people possess motionless and emotionless characteristics. It is difficult for them to make decisions. They love to relax and does not want to think about anything. They will never be the centre of attention. These people are quiet and are not energized. 

Black can be demanding at times. They seek for power. These people don’t care about the judgement of others and make decisions for themselves. Black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power.

They never let anyone get too close as they like to keep people guessing. People around them always want to find out more about them.


**Any information on personality colors provided on this site is for entertainment purposes only.