Stay Cool and Dry. Say Bye to Cotton and Polyester.

Cool and comfortable boxer briefs are an absolute must-have for a male athlete.

Why? Imagine the sweaty feeling when running in a 10K marathon and your underwear is stuck to your thighs. Not only that, the soggy feeling that lingers for a long time, but you still need to keep on running. After that 1K, your family jewels are soaking wet and there's no room for it to breath.  

It's time to say good bye to cotton and polyester. 

Prime uses a fiber known as Micromodal and statistics show that it's 5 times more breathable than cotton. This deluxe boxer briefs can help draw away your sweat and to keep you dry at all times.  

It's time to prepare yourself and to push yourself into a whole new level. Stop having to focus on the muggy feeling while running and start wearing functional boxer briefs. 

Trust us, comfort is a factor that will elevate your performance.